Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mini Vaca

So I got my weekend get-a-way and boy was it worth it! The kids had an absolute blast! We got LOTS of pool time and park time and the best part was this little play land that we found. It was so cool! Cam LOVED the mazes and slides and it was such a nice was clean and there was hardley any kids there. So nice! Faith had a blast trying to master the 2 inch step and made new friends and not to mention the ENORMOUS slides that they had there. It was so fun! If anyone is interested this place is called Jump and Play and it's by Bass Pro and it really is cheap too! Way worth it! Anyway, just wanted to share our fun weekend so enjoy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Summer anyone?!?

Ok, so this background is just a temp. but I just wanted to ask...WHO IS READY FOR SUMMER? Man lately I am just ready for winter to be over...yes, I know there is still a lot of it but I am ready for warm wheather and summer clothes and beach time! Not to mention I hate the WINDY season. Can we just skip that part?!? I am really dreading that. Even though my kids birthday are both in March I just want to celebrate that then be done! Anyway, enough complaints my kids and I did have a good day no I didn't get pictures but it was such a nice day so we went to the park. I guess that is why I am ready for summer because my kids had a great time just being able to play outside and not cooped up in my house all day every day, which leads me to my next question...WHO NEEDS A VACA?!? It seems like I am ALWAYS needing a vacation lately. ARRRG!!! Anyway, hope every one is having a good day and look forward to new posts!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Messy Hair

Not much has happened this past week for us but Cam did wake up with some pretty funky hair this morning...I thought it was pretty funny. I think he is due for a hair cut!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's been snowing off and on here and yesterday was just perfect for taking some pictures so, here are just some snaps that we took messing around. I thought some of them turned out cute!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


~*Where do I even begin?!? The holidays this year for us were AWSOME! The kids had an awsome Christmas. It was so fun this year, Cam was actually in to the whole present thing and actually understood what was going on and Faith was just cute! Once again they were way spoiled and loved every minute of it!
~*We also got to see many relatives, Greg and Christa from Oklahoma and Auntie Sue and Uncle Charlie from Texas and Also Jeff and Michelle got to come and stay for a week...We had so much fun with every one it is always nice to see every one! Kris and jeff had a blast, they got to go snowboarding...something I think they both were excited for the whole year...nerds! Anyway, It was so fun to get to spend time with them since we only seen them once this past year! I think they had a good time with our kids! :) They were definitly entertainment for every one. Faith decided that she wanted to start walking the day before Christmas so that was a shocker! She still isn't great but is getting better and braver every day! My baby is growing up so fast! Kris and I spent New Years Eve in Phoenix with Jeff and Michelle that was fun even though I think we are party poopers...we went bowling which I am proud to say I won! Then we just went to dinner. Thanks to Mike for keeping Cam and Donette for keeping Faith we always appreciate it!
~*Even though our holiday was full of fun we also had a little sadness as well. Kris' Papa had a heart attack a couple of days after Christmas but we are happy to say that he has had his surgery and is doing well! It was a big shock for every one but are thankful that he is ok and hopefully will be able to come home soon. We love you Papa and hope you feel better soon!!!
~*I hope every one's holidays went great and that they were every thing you hoped for. Hope that the New Year treats every one with happiness and I look forward to hearing about your holidays too!