Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation #1...San Diego

I realize that this is out of control but try to understand that this isn't even half of the pictures I have. Anyway, as you can see we were in San Diego for a week and we went with Nikki and Jarrod and we had a AWESOME time! We went to Disney Land for my birthday and I think us adults had as much fun as the kids! I LOVE this happy place, if I could I would go all the time! The beach was AWESOME too...Cam couldn't get enough of the waves. He thought it was "Killer Dude!" Cam and Jaten were the best of buds the whole cute! Faith on the other hand was such a girl...she didn't care for the water and didn't like sand on her at all! Her and Dex both didn't dig the waves...too funny. We already miss San Diego and are already planning our next trip! We had an AWESOME time with the Davis fam and would LOVE to do it again!

I forgot to write about Cam's train expiernce...this boy is crazy about trains and he pretty much demanded to ride the train so we did and he was on cloud nine! He tells us that was his favorite part of the trip! Silly boy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girls night out

Lindsey and her kids, Destiney and Drake. Me and my kiddos. Cassandra and Zaden...Heather's. Heather and Kameryn...Cassandra's. Mckenzi and Jaxon

Yesterday I got to see my long lost friend Heather! :) She came into town for her brothers football games and I got to see her...YAY! She also has a baby boy Zaden who is 5 months and he is just the cutest, sweetest thing! He is also the chubbiest baby cute! Anyway, it has been a couple of years...that's right I said years since I have seen her and I am so glad that she called! Later that night we went out to dinner and had a good time catching up with each other. I wish we could all go out more often...Heather you need to move closer! Anyway it was fun hope we get to hang out again soon!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

our day

Yesterday we took the kids to Greer to this little nature trail we like to go to and the kids had a good time. This trail is perfect for little ones, it's not too long and there are lots of rocks to climb and water to play in. Our kids love coming here it just lets them be them selves and get dirty. Here are some shots I got of our day!

love this


she found ants...

Best pals

love these kids!

Faith...could have been a boy!

handsome boy

Cam trying to wake up

Cookie monsters!