Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kabree turns 4!

Kabree turned 4 yesterday! We were excited to be able to throw her a party and she was happy to have her party! She got lots of Princess stuff and at the end her dad brought out her bike! She had been asking for a bike and she got one! She can cruise on it and she just loves it! Happy Birthday Bree we love you and hope you had a Happy Birthday!

Pumpkins and Halloween

We sure had a fun time this Halloween! The kids are always excited to carve pumpkins and after it's all over they don't even care about it. Oh, well I enoy it and I do love it when my kids are excited. Faith's was a witch and Cam's was a bat.
For Halloween Faith was a cat and she thought it was super cool...she kept looking in the mirror and meowing at herself. She is very entertaining to say the least! Cam was Woody and he had been modeling his costume for weeks. Uncle Jeff got some doozy pictures of this. He loves his costume and he can't wear it enough! We never do too much on Halloween, just go to the families house and call it good. That is usually all they need and I am glad for that but it is always fun for all of us...