Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pat's Run

Pat's Run is an event for the Pat Tillman Foundation and I think it's way fun! I ran it last year which was also my very first run I participated in and this year I got to run it with my two sisters which was also their first run! They did so good and I think they had fun ;) Also my mom and sister-in-law walked this year and did a great job as well...After my sisters and I finished we went back and finished with these two and helped them finish strong! Mybe next year they will run it? Just sayin girls,you know I'm going to push you :) Also the run was 4.2 miles and finished on the 42 yard line at ASU stadium in honor of Pat Tillman. This is such a great event and as for me I will be doing it every year! How bout you girls????

Carsen did the kids run this year and I think he had a good time! This run was .42 miles and he ran it in 3 minutes 9 seconds! Way to go Cars!