Thursday, May 27, 2010


~Well it's been a while since I updated so here are some pictures of what we have been up to...

Jesse graduated High School, celebrated his 18th Birthday, and will be getting married June 19th...Talk about growing up fast! We wish him and Sam the best and hope their day is every thing they hope for...

Faith finally wanted to put her dress up clothes on so I ran to get my camera and these are the snaps I got...

We spent an afternoon at South Fork and the kids we entertained for a long time throwing rocks in the water...

The kids had a fun day "helping" PaPa with irrigation

Just some cute pictures of my kiddos...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday...Dad!

Last Thursday was my dad's birthday so this weekend we had a little get together for him! Nikki, Jarrod and the boys came and Cam was in heaven! After all Jate is his best friend! All the kids played so hard...even in the blizzard we received! Anyway, it was a really fun weekend and we are glad we got to spend time with the fam! Happy Birthday dad! Hope you had a great birthday! We love old man!!! :)

the uno battle...

trouble makers!

I think each kid got a turn to blow out the candles

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pat's run 2010

~I finally got some pictures to post of the Pat Tillman run.(thanks donette) Kris, Mike and I ran this event in Apil and it was so fun! The course was only 4.2 miles...I know, I know not very far but I was stressin' about it! Anyway, it turned out to be not a big deal at all and was actually pretty fun! Kris smoked Mike and me of course but it's alright he only placed 200 out of 28,000!!! I know huh...WHAT THE HECK?!? Mike and I finished in the 8,000 range..LOL we both did in about 41 minutes and Kris did it in like 27 minutes I believe. Anyway, it was lots of fun and I'm sure it will be one that we do every year. They also had a kids run we signed Cam up for but he wasn't wanting to do it this year...Oh, well maybe next! Thanks again Donette for watching the kiddos I know it wasn't easy but it sure helped us a ton!!!

My good ol' runnin partner!

Our first race together...Maybe the last...he killed me!

Silly Cam wasn't wanting to do his run...he wanted to play in the kids area but there wasn't time :(