Thursday, September 9, 2010


This weekend we had some visitors...This is Donette's dad "Papa Don" and his wife Georgia. They came out from Texas to visit and it was a layed back good time. The kids had a fun time with them. We got to hang out at the park and go on a hike and just enjoy the last big of warm air. We always have a good time when the family gets together...sure wish we would do it more often :) Anyway, these are the only pictures I got but they are some good ones! It was good to see you both and can't wait til next time!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preschool and Soccer

Cam has started preschool this year and he absolutely LOVES it! He goes Tuesday through Friday and by the time Tuesday rolls around he is dying to go! He is always counting down his "sleeps" to when he will get to go to school again. He always has the best day and he is in love with learning. He is always asking me how to spell words and he is so interested in learning how to write little words. He is 4 and can already spell and write...cow, red, car, dad, mom, Cam Fox, and cat. It may be just me but I think that is pretty smart :) I am so glad that he is having fun at school hopefully he will continue this for many years to come! :)

Cam has also started soccer...he isn't exactly loving it. I usually have to do some convincing for him to play but he does end up having a good time. I just think that it is the cutest thing to watch him and the other little ones play...