Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I found these old pictures of Cam & I and boy have we changed! Cam is not nearly as chubby anymore. The top picture he is about 18 months and the bottom he was 3 months...how time flies! :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

~*What a boy~*

So, my Cam has decided that he wants to start dressing his self lately...This is the outfit that he wanted to wear the other day...if you can't tell it is swim-trunks a R.V. Elks shirt with a tank over the top...I'm not sure why kids go through this stage I think it's funny. He has also just recently started to not want his bath...he has ALWAYS loved his bath and now I have to just dunk him real fast so he won't be mad. Not that I care because then I don't have to watch him while he takes his 30 min bath. I just think that it's funny that he has all of a sudden decide that he is a big boy...YAY! Now if we could only master the whole potty thing!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


~Ok so I am feeling a little mushy today and I feel like writing down all the things that I LOVE and are thankful for. First off I LOVE, LOVE my little family...Kris is just the best husband and he does so much for all of us. He is definitly the more patient one...some of you might be a little surprised at that :) but he is. I LOVE watching him with the kids...they LOVE him and he just LOVES them too! I LOVE to see how excited Cam gets every day when Kris gets home. He really is a sweetheart and I LOVE it when he needs a hug 50 times a day I can't get enough of that! Cam also LOVES Faith so much...they get a kick out each other and I just LOVE to watch that! Faith is just a little angel...she is so funny and is learning so much and I LOVE watching her grow up. I am a little sad but it's just amazing. There are just so many things that I find myself over looking some times and when I find the time to just stop and look around I am just amazed at all the little things in life that move me and I am so blessed to have my little family that I LOVE so much and I really hope that I can be better about noticing the little things and not stress out about the big picture. Again I feel that I am truly blessed with what I have and I do look forward to every day and moment to come!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bikini model?

~We went to Mesa again this weekend and we only took Faith this time...I forget how easy it is to have just a baby and not a 2 year old on my hands! I did miss the little fart! Anyway, we went to the pool and Faith LOVED it! I thought the water would be a little cold but nope she loved it and this was the first time she got to wear her little bikini I thought it was funny!

Friday, September 12, 2008

~snap shot~

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please read!

~My brother-in-laws Jarrod and Richie davis' cousin wrote this and I thought it was very interesting...I personally don't know her but I know she is a radio host in Utah and I have to say that I agree with what she says and my sisters also have it on their blogs and I thought I would join them in sharing it with those who visit our blogs...please read again I find it interesting!

Media is trying to brain wash people!
I've been very frustrated today and disheartened with the liberal media’s blatant bias. Never before have we seen such an overt, over-the-top, seemingly coordinated effort by press in totality to back the play of a politician. It is shameless how they are working for Barack Obama and against John McCain. As a newscaster it's an outrage to me. Hosting a live 2.5hr morning show Monday through Friday requires me to stay on my political feet. So, for the past two weeks I've been getting by on 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night so I can watch the conventions both democratic and republican. Never in my life have I witnessed such a bias. I used to really respect Tom Brokaw. After listening to his coverage throughout the 2 weeks of conference I have no respect for the man. After Barack Obama finished his speech last week the libs were singing his praises, putting him on a pedestal. When John McCain finished last night, they didn't have a kind word to say and basically ripped him apart. Now, because this is my blog I can state my opinion. Our country is in trouble! We need a President who will fight for us, our freedoms, and our way of life. I'm not saying I agree with John McCain on everything. But, please weigh the candidates. Evaluate both of their stands on issues. It shouldn't be a popularity vote! Obviously, Obama is better looking, better spoken but his ideas are way off course. Think about taxes, his homeland security, military background, experience, his feelings on abortion. The United States of America is playing a game of Russian Roulette. I didn't wear the uniform and serve our Country to watch it fall apart. If you didn't watch the convention speeches please read them. See what each has to say. Watch the upcoming debates. We have 2 months to make our decision. You may think it doesn't matter but I'm hear to tell you I believe it's a life or death decision. Why am I being so dramatic you may ask? Thing about this. Russia is threatening us everyday as is Iran, North Korea, Cuba. They want you to vote for Barack Obama. He thinks he can solve the problems diplomatically and wants to pull out all of our troops. Diplomacy is great but you can't reason with terrorists!!! These countries are acquiring nuclear weapons at a rapid pace and if we don't stay on the offensive then we will be back on defense like we were before 911. No body wants war but we must protect ourselves. I honestly believe John McCain is the best Presidential pick that we have and we must vote for him. He knows that Washington needs turned upside down. The dems and the repubs have both screwed things up and need reform. I am hopeful he will do it. I like the fiscal responsibility that McCain and Sarah Palin say they will bring. When stories or commentary come from the media please take them with a grain of salt. They are doing everything within their power to make McCain seem inept and Obama as the countries savior of change...the Messiah as they've called him. Don't be fooled and don't fall into the trap they are setting! We must think, evaluate and decide for ourselves. Millions of American's have died to ensure our rights, and freedoms. Voting is very important. Making an informed vote is even more important. I hope and pray for our Country and for the World that we all do our part as Americans. I love American!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


~That's right every one we went to the A.S.U. game on Saturday and not only that we are season ticket holders! I know, I know you all are jelious! Anyway, I am not a huge football fan but I thought it would be fun to go and give it shot...It would have been funner if it wasn't so HOT! (Go figure) These are the only two pictures that I got because I left my actual camera in the car because of all the hurrying and stress we had just to get to the game...It took us over an hour to find parking which we ended up where we were supposed to have a parking pass but we had already missed the first 4 mins of the game and the guy in the parking was nice enough to let us park there anyway...that was nice! Next time we will be more prepared! Anyway, these are just some I got with my phone...Cam wasn't too sure about any of it and the fireworks scared him but he ended up falling asleep before halftime anyway, but hopefully we will get better ones at the next game!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Miss J

We were sitting at Mandy's and Faith was "on one" she was just being real goofy and this is just one of many pictures that we got of her. Mandy has the others on her phone so when I get them I will put them on. Anyway...it was real funny! I love this little baldy!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camping Pics

~Here are some pics of our camping trip...we only stayed one night but for me that was long enough!We had fun but I am just not a big camping girl! Enjoy!

It started raining so Faith and I sat in the truck!
Cam was in Paradise...he loved climbing the "big rocks"

I just love this picture...too cute!

Cam wouldn't stop bouncing Faith on our bed and she just thought it was funny...I have a feeling she'll be just as naughty!