Monday, April 27, 2009

Mixed up genes?!?

We've said it once...we've said it twice...we've said it 1000 kids have mixed up genes!!! Not sure what happened but Cam has the fullest, curliest, prettiest hair a boy (or girl) could have and Faith...well lets just say she is BALD... still!!!! My poor little girl is a late bloomer! She only has 3 teeth and still has no hair. :( I keep telling myself that it will come, it will come. I am thinking not in time for summer. Her poor head will be red and Cam's will be full of curls. Maybe she will get some in time for winter next year?!? Only time will tell! All I can say is thank heaven for ear rings!

Hooray for curls!!!

Hooray for baldies!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My thoughts

It was a busy week last week and I haven't had time to sit a dedicate a blog to my wonderful Grandma Ruby. As some of you know she passed away last Monday and I just wanted to write a few things about her. She was a wonderful person and I have learned so much about her this last week. I have very fond memories of her and visiting her growing up. I always loved going to visit her when I was young because she always had I don't even like them but for some reason she had the best cats. I will always remember her tiny house where she raised her 9 children and how I loved her bathroom...I always thought it was the coolest. It was blue and it had a full wall that was made of mirrors. I loved it. I remember playing outside where her yard seemed so big but now that I am older can see that it really isn't. I always love visiting her because she always played her violin and I remember her trying to teach me and my sisters how to play twinkle twinkle little star. It didn't go well for me. Now that I am older I still loved her little wasn't as often as it should have but I will never forget how every time I saw her she would tell me that Cam is just too beautiful to be a little boy. She loved me and my family. She was always so soft spoken and I will always remember that about her. There are so many things about her that I love and will miss that I could go on for days but I just wanted to take a moment to dedicate a page for her and always remember what a wonderful person she was and that I believe she is watching over us and wants us to know that she loves each of us too. I love you grandma and you will always be missed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy birthday Nikki!

I just wanted to say happy birthday to Nikki today! Hope you have a great birthday! I wish you lived closer so that we could spend the day together. I miss living close to's been a very long time. Just want to tell you that you are an awsome sister and that I love you! Again, hope your day is great and that it is every thing you hoped it would be. Enjoy your company and have a great day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

She did it!

This is just for my records but I am pround to say that Faith has cut her first 2 teeth! YAY 13 months and finally getting teeth! Two of them are through and I think that she is still trying to get more which is fine with me. She hasn't been feeling well lately and now we know why! Anyway, no pictures just a post!