Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Triathlon #3

Well I am finally blogging Kris' 3rd Triathlon! This was the same one in Show Low that he did last year...He definitly improved this year and all the training payed off. Last year he finished 10th in his age group and this year he finished 4th so that was awesome! This year Mike did it with him and he did well! He finished the race even though it was extremely HOT! The guys did an awesome job and these are just a few pictures that I have...

This is the start of the race...how would you like to swim next to all these people in a lake??? The swim was 800 meters...

Transition from the swim to the bike ride which was 15 miles...

This was the transition from the bike to the run which was 5 miles...I think...

Kris finished 4th in his age group and #57 overall! He did an awesome job cramping quad and all!

Kris' lucky number was 666! It was pretty funny that he got this number...good thing we aren't supersticious ;)

The kids had a great time camping and fishing and fixing flat tires! Cam caught this crawfish all by his self and it's name "was" crusty!

Mike was glad he finished the race in the 95 degree wheather...He was a trooper! I am so proud of both of them they trained hard for this event and it payed off! Good job guys, you are awesome!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


We took a trip to Colorado and fell in love! These pictures are just a few because our camera started messing up when we got out there but these pictures are still amazing! We went with Mike and Donette and just had a great time. The first morning we woke up to snow...not cool! :) The rest of the trip was awesome! Kris was in bikers paradise! He and Mike had a blast riding their bikes on these amazing mountains! We didn't want to go home but we had to go back for the wedding wich was great! We can't wait to go back! It was awesome!

Jesse's wedding

Jesse and Sam got married June 19th. The wedding turned out super cute they did a really good job. Jesse and his groomsmen were lookin' good in pink :) and Sam looked beautiful! It was a really good time and I hope the wedding was every thing they hoped for! Good luck with all you do!