Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Faith turned 3!

Faith turned 3!!! I can't believe it! She is growing up too fast! She had a wonderful "Tangled" party and she had a blast being the center of attention!(like always)She always knows how to put on a show and this was her day to really be a princess! My camera was not doing well with the lighting so these are the best ones but the good thing is it's all on video!

I just wanted to post a little letter to Faith and tell her how much we love having her in our family! Faith you are always bringing fun, laughter and sillyness to our lives everyday and we wouldn't know what we would do with out you! Everyday is a new adventure with you and everyday I wake up wondering what you will do to make us laugh! You're such a special girl and I thank Heavenly Father everyday that you're in our life! We love you so much! Love~ Mom, Dad and Cam