Friday, December 9, 2011

Our House

Ok, so some of you have been asking me to see pictures of our new house so, I decided to post them on our blog for all to enjoy :) We are not fully unpacked and not fully decorated but you'll get the idea of what we are going to be doing with our new space. We LOVE our house and all its nice touches which include...Hard wood floors, Crowne moulding throughout the entire house, Kitchen appliances...Jenn-Air, Wainscoting, new windows, new fence and many more things. Things are going great here in Colorado and hope to have visitors soon!

Faith's room...yes we were a little worried about getting her a loft bed but her room is small so we had to get a bed with storage. Also the closets are awesome and so functional!

Cam's room really is huge...this picture does it no justice. He loves it!

Kids bathroom is upstairs...soon to be re-decorated

Entry way and also my Fancy room/Formal dining area...again not finished but you get the idea.

Hallway from the theater room to the kitchen...there is also a half bath off to the right.

Our theater room...It's hard to get things done when you have a 108" blue ray theater system :) By far the most used room in the house!

My *Kitchen* Ahh...I love it! The appliances are Jenn-Air and amazing!

Our basement is unfinished but Kris would not have had it any other way. There are two bedrooms but one is taken...the other is open for visitors :) The back yard is bigger than it looks but we are excited to put a covered patio and bbq A LOT!