Saturday, January 23, 2010

~*Disney On Ice~*

So Donette and I took my kids to see Dinsey On Ice this month and the kids loved it! Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Papa Don & Georgia...this fun event wouldn't have took place with out them so a BIG thank you to them! The movies were Cars, Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell and Lion King. I think the best part was Little Mermaid, my kids were real interested in that. They kind of lost intrest with Lion King and Tinkerbell and I think the reason why is because they didn't know the story of those that well, they love the second Tinkerbell movie but this was the first and they never got into that one... Other than that it was awesome! Here are just a few pictures that I got so enjoy!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 new posts!

These cute pictures I found on my phone and I had to blog them! It was a great Christmas this kids were so cute about every thing and I think these pictures will always have that memory to them!

Tubing on New Years

We all went tubing on New Years day and these are a few pictures of our day. It was really fun until Keenan hurt his wrist real bad and Jess...lets just say it took him a few days to recover! Glad they are ok and hopefully next time we will all be crash free!!

December birthdays...

We had 2 birthday's last month...Happy Birthday to Kort who was 11 on the 22nd and Jate who turned 5 on the 28th! We had back to back parties for them right before Christmas and all the kids had a great time no matter how that picture looks! It's always hard to get a good picture of all of them but we love them all and have fun when every one is here! I have to point out the cake...Nikki made it and she did an AWESOME job...super cute!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~*Christmas 2009~*

YAY! I fnally got my Christmas pictures to upload! Christmas was so fun this year. Cam is really starting to understand it and Faith was so interested in all her presents! Cam got only trains...which was perfect since that's all he is into now days! Faith got girly stuff...a vanity and she got make-up which for her is fun to put on me :)I get a Faith make over every day! Anyway, it was an awesome Holiday season and I am sad that it is over but both my kids birthday's are in March so I get to plan for that soon!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

sledding round 1...

I am trying to get my blog updated and for some reason it takes FOREVER to download one picture is one post that I am behind on.
We took the kids sledding before Christmas and they had a good time other than the fact that it was super cold that day and we really didn't have that great of snow gear yet. Anyway, Cam couldn't get enough going down the hills and Faith liked the snow but wasn't too sure about sledding. It was a fun day and we will be doing it again!