Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adventure #1

We have already accomplished something major for this year! Kris and Jeff ran the P.F. Chang's full Marathon and me...well I did the Half! What hard work it was from training for months...(holiday season I might add)right down to the race! The guys did awesome with running 26.2 miles in 3:31! So proud of them! Me, well I ran my 13.1miles in 2:08. Not what I was aiming for but I was happy that I did't stop! It was definitly hard but at the same time what an accomplishment! If you asked me after the race I would have said no way absolutely not will I ever do it again but now after a week I'd say that the hard work was worth it and maybe, just maybe it will happen again to beat my time.

Christmas 2011

We had an awesome Christmas this year! Each year is better than the last and the kids were so cute about it this year! They understood the whole Santa thing and they were trying their best to oh so good! They absolutely loved drivng down Main Street and seeing all the Christmas lights. I think Cam's favorite part was getting to see his bestfriend Uncle Jeff! Cam just loves him to death...it's too bad he lives so far away! Anyway, we had the best Christmas and the Happiest New Year and we can't wait for all of the adventures 2011 will bring!!!!

This was tree hunting for Mike and Donette. Cam insisted on making a snowman so they just made a quick little mess of one and he was satisfied :)

This was Christmas Eve at my mom's. These are the only pictures I took...this year it's all on video. Cam was so into Santa this year and Faith was too until we went to see him and then she was terrified! She did not sit on his lap! :)

This was our snow storm we received after Christmas...We were bumbed because we didn't get to go to the Polar Express because of it :(

Friday, January 7, 2011


Okay so this is WAAYYY past due and picture overload but I had a hard time narrowing it down so just deal with it! Kris and I went to amazing Jamaica for our 5th anni. and had an amazing time! It was truely paradise! There is nothing better then spending a week on the beach...ok throw swimming pools, volleyball, scuba, snorkling, jetski, and great food on top of that and man talk about PaRaDiSe!!! Not to rub it in but this was Heavenly! The pictures speak for them selves but I just have to say that this was the best vaca ever and we will DEFINITLY be going back! Thanks to Mike, Donette, Nikki and Jarrod for taking our kids while we lived it up for a week! We owe ya! Now go enjoy the pics and sorry if your jealous...You should be :)

This was the view from our room. We could see the ocean! Ahhh...paradise!

Holy smokes! ok so Kris caught this little guy (or I should say big guy)the first night we were there! He was just cruzin' right outside our room!

K so this is a group playing the steel drums which was one of our faves! They had live entertainment at dinner and this was just amazing! We were playing name that tune as they played...so cool!

This is one of my favorite pictures...it really shows how beautiful it was there!

Classic Kris...

We met this group of people at the resort and they were awesome! They really knew how to have a good time...we had some laughs!