Monday, April 23, 2012

Let the fun begin!!!

We finally went to Valmont park today! It's a bike park where you can go ride fun obsticle courses and kids can learn to ride mountain bikes. Cam was in Heaven and Kris had a great time riding the course with him. It's kind of scary watching my 6 year old riding these courses but he surprises me every time I watch. He is so good on his bike and he absolutely love it! His little face just lights up with fun and excitement. He is getting ready to race his bike this summer and the day can't come soon enough! I love you Cam and I am so proud of you! I love watching you ride, it makes a perfect day!

After the bike park we took our kids to soak their feet in a river. The scenery was amazing and the kids had a blast playing in the water. Cam says it was the most perfect day ever!

Friday, April 20, 2012

6 & 4?!?

Wow! I have a 6 year old? Really?!? He has grown up so fast! This birthday was his first birthday with friends and man he really had the best day! I was a little worried that since it was Spring Break that no one would come but we had a great turn out! We had a bike party where all the kids brought their bikes and we had a few bike races and a water balloon fight. It was the perfect day, I think we hit 80* that day so it really was perfect. Cam also got his first bike with gears and he has already figured that out. He really is the best bike rider and he is addicted! Him and dad have already hit the trails and Cam did so well! Happy Birthday Cam you are my sweetest boy ever and I'm glad you're having the best time here in Colorado!

My baby has turned 4! I always say I can't believe how fast time flies but seriously time flies! She had a Barbie party and she just thought it was the greatest! She got all kinds of fun stuff including a tea set, Karaoke machine, her very own cook book and some fun horse stuff. She was so girly and was so excited all day. After her party we took her to Fatcats bowling where she really got a lot of attnetion! She wore her tutu party dress all day and fell asleep in it as well. She really had a great day! Thanks again to Monna, Papa and Nanny for coming out for her special day I know she loved having you!