Friday, February 10, 2012

What we've been up to...

Cam has completed his first swim lesson class and is doing awesome! He has so much fun and is such a little fish! I think that after this next class there will be no stopping him! Faith has been in a gymnastics/swim lesson combination class and is the cutest thing! These are pictures of the facility and I will say that they were taken from behind a window so they are not the best quality but I needed to post something. We are loving the rec. center! The kids and I are there probably 5-6 days a week it's awesome! There is an indoor playground that is way nice on cold snowy days! I get free childcare while I work out and the swimming is so fun! Things are really going great for us!

This is Faith climbing the it!

This is our totaly awesome indoor/outdoor pool area. We all LOVE to play here! There are two for adults and one for kids. Also a play area for little ones...way fun!