Thursday, August 5, 2010

Triathlon #4 & San Diego

This past weekend we had a fast but super fun trip to Ca. We started out going to San Diego on Friday and got to spend some time in one of our favorite spots which is Seaport Village and just walked along the boardwalk and just took it all in! The next day we spent some time on Coronado Island and had BEACH TIME!!! The kids had a blast and Cam was in Paradise! He is such a beach bum! That is one of the reasons we decided to take the kids. So after the beach we drove up to Snow Valley which is where Kris raced his 4th Triathlon! The course was killer and he wasn't thilled with his placement but to me it is always a great time and job! This was a 1000 meter swim with a 10 mile bike and a 4 mile run which was full of steep hills. He finished with a time of 2:01:46. Great job to Kris and thanks for letting us tag along and support you in doing what you love!


Nikki said...

Yay Kris! I think he did great also. That is a long way to go in 2 hours. My kids are so jealous of the beach pics. Looks like a lot of fun.

Mandy said...

Aw so fun
! ==;
Glad Kris had fun! I woulda loved chasig Faith around:)

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lea said...

Great! You are having a good time with your family. The kids are enjoying your trip. It is very obvious on their facial expressions.